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Model MC-H80S
Items Unit Specification
Worktable size(LXW) mm 800X800
Table indexing 0.001
Max.loading capacity kg 1800
X- travel mm 1500
Z- travel mm 550
Y-travel mm 1200/1400
Distance from spindle center to table mm 0~1200
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 450~1000
Spindle taper   HSKA100
Power of main motor kW 22/33
Maximum spindle speed r/min 12000
Maximum output torque of spindle N.m 300
Rapid speed(x、y、z) m/min 48
Cutting feed speed (X,Y,Z) mm/min 1-10000
Minimum setting unit for machine tool mm 0.001
Storage of tool   30
Tool selection method   (Random)
Max.tool size (diameter) x Length) mm 112x400/220x500(相邻无刀Adjacent without knife)
Max.tool weight kg 20
Tool change time(T-T) S 5
Max.speed of table r/min 50
Positioning accuracy ofX,Y,Z mm 0.02
Repeated positioning accuracy for X, Y,Z mm 0.012
B-axis positioning accuracy 11 10
Repeated positioning accuracy of B-axis 11 5
Overall size(LXWX H) cm 600X430X410
Net weight kg 29000



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