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 Model MC-H50-PLUS
ltems   Specification
Worktable size(Lx W) mm 500X500
Workable quantity   2
Table indexing 1°X360
T-slot (number of slotx slot widthxpitch) mm 5x18x100
Maximum load of a single table kg 400
The distance between the center of the two worktables mm 850
Left and right stroke of column (X axis) mm 1600
Column front and rear travel(Zaxis) mm 620
Headstock up and down stroke (Y axis) mm 620
Distance from spindle centerline to worktable mm 120~620
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 150~770
Spindle inner taper   ISO50
Spindle motor power kw 11/15
Spindle maximum speed r/min 6000
Rapid movement speed(X,Y,Z) m/min 32
Cutting feed rate(x,Y,Z) mm/min 1-10000
Machine tool minimum setting unit mm 0.001
Storage of tool   24
Swap mode   随机
Maximum tool diameter mm 110/200
Maximum tool length mm 320
Max.tool weight kg 25
Tool change time(T-T) 5
Max.speed of table r/min 5
X.Y.Z positioning accuracy mm 0.012
XY.Z repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.008
B-axis positioning accuracy mm 10”
B-axis repeatability mm 5”
Overall dimension(LXWXH) mm 4720X2860X2650
Weight kg 12000kg

Spindle and servo motor load show
Spindle and servo over loading protection
Rigid tapping
Full closed cover
Electronic handwheelLightingequipment
Double helix chip cleaner
Auto lubration system
Electric box constant temperature devicesSpindle tool coolant systemRS232 interface
Spindle taper cleaner

Optional configuration
3- axis Grating detection equipment
Workpiece measurement system
Cutter measurement system
Spindle internal- cooling
CNC rotary working- table
Chaining chip cleaner
Length DSET and edge finder oftool
Oil and water splitter filter
Spindle water- coolant equipment
Network function 



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