Yangzhou Lijiang: Developing high-end machine tool industry, implanting “vigorous genes” for transformation



[China Machine Tool Business Network Regional Style] Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the new economic normal, the Qianjiang District has been focusing on the construction of major projects, which has supported the "ridge of the economy"; the innovation and transformation of "vigorous genes", the new advantages of industrial competition are highlighted. Maintaining a steady and promising development momentum. It is worth mentioning that the performance of emerging industries in the region is particularly eye-catching, and the support of the bio-health industry for the industrial economy is constantly increasing.
Project construction completes the annual task ahead of schedule
Under the current economic downward pressure, cultivating new kinetic energy, accelerating transformation and upgrading, industrial investment upgrading and major project construction have become important support.
Since the beginning of this year, the Qianjiang District has taken the “Economic Projects Effective Year” as the main focus, and has firmly adhered to the nodes, relied on practical measures, implemented responsibilities, and strived to achieve new breakthroughs. From January to August, Lujiang District signed six major industrial projects, and newly started Hengcheng Weaving, Hongyu Electronics, Yangjie Semiconductor, Lear II, Jiangsu and Tianxia, ​​Wanfu Environmental Protection and Lianhuan Pharmaceuticals. The project completed the target tasks for the whole year ahead of schedule, and the schedule progress was ranked among the best in the city. The number of newly-started major projects was 5 over the same period last year.
Here is a warm signing ceremony. The merchants at home and abroad negotiate harmoniously and work together. On the other hand, there is a construction site that is racing against time. The projects under construction are progressing in an orderly manner and put into production soon.
Whether the work is effective or not, a project construction advancement table can be seen: two buildings of the Tongan ground source heat pump project have been put into operation, and all four civil works have been completed. The next step will start the construction of the remaining four plants; the Akai intelligent electrical products project, part The factory building has been completed and is currently in production; the first phase of the perfect phase II project is undergoing indoor and outdoor decoration and equipment installation, and is scheduled to be put into operation this month; the Aidi urine protein series products and anti-tumor drugs projects, the first phase of the four buildings have been Completion, the second phase of the plant is under construction. At present, some of the workshops have obtained the drug production license, and the small-scale trial production and stability test of the drug are underway. It is planned to declare the workshop GMP certification at the end of the year and formally mass production in the first half of next year.
Deepening the "vigorous genes" of innovation and transformation
Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the municipal party committee and the municipal government have implemented the innovation-driven development strategy in depth. According to the deployment requirements, Qujiang District actively promotes industrial upgrading, enterprise innovation, park transformation and mechanism optimization, and strives to achieve the goal of “making better quality, higher efficiency and better structure”.
The vitality of innovation and transformation is not strong, and the park is a “barometer”. This year is the “Year of Harvest” in the construction of the Qianjiang District Park: Weiyang Economic Development Zone has become the first national eco-industrial demonstration park in the city, and the second provincial economic development zone to receive this honor; the digitalized complete equipment implemented in Yangzhou High-tech Zone and The advanced manufacturing technology research and development industrialization project was approved for the 2016 provincial scientific and technological achievements transformation provincial joint bidding project, which is conducive to promoting the development of traditional industrial clusters represented by CNC machine tools and climbing to the high end.
Industrial cultivation cannot be separated from platform construction. Not long ago, the Yangzhou Internet Industrial Park with a total area of ​​about 120 acres settled in Jiangjiang Jiangwang. The park will attract a number of new Internet companies such as App R&D, data applications and third-party service providers to form a cluster effect of “Internet +”. Dessau and Yangzhou Yashang were approved as pilot enterprises for provincial-level Internet and industrial integration innovation demonstration projects, and provincial excellent software product bonuses and awards were successfully settled, and the information industry has gradually grown.
Industrial development is inseparable from the leading enterprises. For example, the Shepherd Group is aiming at global science and education resources. Currently, it is planning to build a breeding machinery research institute in Germany, and to build a puffing machine research institute in the United States to build a three-in-one research and development pattern in Asia, Europe and the Americas; 38 new energy vehicles of Weichai Yaxing are shortlisted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Approved "New Energy Vehicle Recommended Model Catalogue", the annual new energy vehicle billing sales is expected to exceed 2.5 billion yuan; Yangjie Electronics successfully developed SIC core products independently, industrialization is imminent, application prospects and market potential is huge; Yangli Group for 6 consecutive years It is the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry and ranks first in the metal forming machine tool industry. It has become the only listed enterprise in Yangzhou.
At the same time, a number of high-quality companies compete to share the dividends of the capital market. For example, Aoliwei stocks were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which created Yangzhou's first “100-yuan stocks”; Rothwell successfully listed in South Korea, raising funds equivalent to 538 million yuan, and fully entered the field of new energy vehicles.
Gan Dang "shop small two" improper "housekeeper"
Urgent enterprises are anxious, Gan Dang "shop second", improper "housekeeper", has become the reform consensus of the enterprises involved in the service of the Hanjiang District.
Since the beginning of this year, Qujiang District has formulated the “Implementation Measures for the Implementation of the No. 2 Document of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government” in the Qianjiang District, and comprehensively carried out the “helping and facilitating” assistance actions to effectively stabilize the operation of the real economy and escort the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
For example, in terms of intensifying policy innovation, the Qianjiang District has promulgated the “Measures for the Management and Use of Special Funds in the Industrial Concentration Zone of Hanjiang District of Yangzhou City” to help the two industrial concentration areas of Yangmiao and Handan to create a city-specific industrial park. The district created the city's eco-industrial park, and strived to build a high-quality platform for the development of small and micro enterprises. Accelerated the preparation of the “Implementation Opinions on Encouraging Banks to Support Small and Medium Enterprises' Financing”, which lowered the threshold for SME loans that lacked mortgages.
In order to create a good environment for the development of enterprises, the city has successively issued a series of favorable enterprise policies and service measures to reduce the cost of enterprises and the reform and approval system. The Qianjiang District has implemented various measures to help enterprises become real beneficiaries. According to statistics, in the first half of the year, the special funds for district-level industrial transformation in Qianjiang District exceeded 10 million yuan, and 13 provincial-level industrial and informatization projects were successfully approved. It is estimated that the relevant funds will be nearly 8 million yuan.
At the same time, the Qianjiang District has successively launched the “Shared Human Resources, Run-Up SME Seminar”, “Ameba Management System President Seminar”, “Intellectual Property Patent Rights Protection Salon”, “New Human Resource Management Exchange Meeting”, “Benchmark” The enterprise learning line "multi-micro enterprise capital demand matchmaking meeting" and other service activities more than 20 times, the cumulative service of small and medium-sized enterprises more than 600 times, the "joining together - serving small and medium enterprises" activities have been implemented.