Missing structure in the machine tool industry, weak functional components



[China Machine Tool Business Network Market Analysis] The machine tool industry generally has a phenomenon of lack of balanced product structure, heavy-duty host support; heavy quantity and light quality; heavy image and light foundation; emphasis on hard power and contempt for soft power and other issues. Some homogeneity is serious, and some have "blank"; these problems are not solved, and it is difficult to solve under the current conditions.
At present, the company has no sense of urgency. Under the impact of global economic integration, the mainframe supporting and functional components used by the main engine factory can easily purchase products produced by famous global enterprises in China. The lack of domestic production of functional components is weak in this respect, so it is difficult to have a sense of threat. This is a double-edged sword.
The most important part of the functional components is the numerical control system and its servo motor drive device. In the historical process of the development of China's cnc CNC machine tools, several times have fallen. Five or six decades have passed, and most of the high-end CNC systems and drives are still imported. Without "quantity" there is no "quality" and the cost can't be reduced. How to solve this "knot", I am afraid that it cannot be solved by the market mechanism. Under the situation of further deepening reform of "the market plays a decisive role in resource allocation", the domestic high-end CNC may be more marginalized, and the dream of the machine tool powerhouse will be far away, and it can only be solved by the wisdom and means of decision makers.
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