Full-featured CNC lathe development trend



The numerical control technology and numerical control equipment of full-function CNC lathe are an important foundation for industrial modernization in various countries. The application of numerical control technology in production has been more than 20 years. The full-function CNC lathe has important significance for the development of numerical control field. We should seize the opportunity to continuously develop and innovate full-featured CNC lathes.
1. Control intelligence
With the development of artificial intelligence technology, in order to meet the development needs of manufacturing production flexibility and manufacturing automation, the intelligent degree of full-function CNC lathes is constantly improving.
(1) Adaptive control technology of machining process: By monitoring the cutting force in the machining process, the power, current, voltage and other information of the spindle and the feed motor, the traditional or modern algorithm is used to identify the tool to identify the tool. Force, wear, damage state and stability of machine tool processing, improve machining accuracy, reduce surface roughness and improve equipment safety;
(2) Intelligent fault self-diagnosis and self-repair technology: based on the existing fault information, apply modern intelligent methods to achieve fast and accurate fault location;
(3) Intelligent AC servo drive device: intelligent servo system that can automatically recognize the load and automatically adjust parameters, including intelligent spindle AC drive device and intelligent feed servo device;
(4) Intelligent optimization and selection of processing parameters: using the experience of process experts or technicians, the general and special laws of parts processing, using modern intelligent methods to construct intelligent optimization and selectors based on expert systems or model-based "processing parameters" , to improve programming efficiency and processing technology level, and shorten the production preparation time;
(5) Intelligent fault playback and fault simulation technology: It can completely record various information of the system, play back and simulate various errors and accidents of CNC machine tools, determine the cause caused by the error, and find out the solution to the problem. Accumulate production experience;
2, high speed
With the rapid development of automobiles, defense, aviation, aerospace and other industries, as well as the application of new materials such as aluminum alloys, the requirements for high-speed CNC lathe processing are increasing.
(1) Tool change speed: At present, the tool exchange time of foreign advanced machining centers has generally been around 1s, and the high has reached 0.5s.
(2) Feed rate: When the resolution is 0.01μm, the maximum feed rate reaches 240m/min and the precise processing of complex profiles can be obtained;
(3) Spindle speed: the lathe adopts electric spindle (built-in spindle motor), the maximum speed of the spindle reaches 200000r/min;
(4) Operation speed: due to the greatly improved operation speed, the feed rate of up to 24-240 m/min can still be obtained when the resolution is 0.1 μm and 0.01 μm;