Basic operation requirements for vertical drilling machines



    ※Some control panels, transformers, motors, and high-voltage terminals and other parts should not be touched, otherwise it will cause electric shock.
    ※ Do not touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise it will cause electric shock.
    ※ You should be very familiar with the position of the emergency stop switch so that you can press it when you need it.
    ※Be sure to power off the machine before placing the fuse.
    ※ There must be enough working space to avoid danger.
    ※Water or oil can cause the ground to slip and cause danger. In order to prevent accidents, the working floor should be kept clean and dry.
    ※Before using the switch, be sure to confirm, do not make a mistake.
    ※ Do not touch the switch.
    ※ The workpiece should be fixed on the workbench to be strong and strong to prevent accidents. Avoid objects sliding off the work surface.
    ※ If a task needs to be completed by more than two people, then a coordinated signal should be specified at each step of the operation, otherwise the next step should not be performed.
 Note: ※ When the power supply unit fails, the main circuit switch should be turned off immediately.
       ※Use the recommended lubricant or approved equivalent oil.
※Prevent the operation panel, electric control panel, etc. from being impacted, otherwise it may cause malfunction and make the equipment not work properly.
※ Do not soil, scratch or remove the warning sign. If the writing on the sign has become blurred or lost,
New signs should be ordered from the factory. The part number of the sign must be marked when ordering.