How does the machine tool industry see the development of timing?



In the current situation of the machine tool industry, all machine tool companies have released the driving force for the reform of the superstructure and the development of productivity. Together with the implementation of the strategy of introducing and going out, the multi-ownership enterprises coexist and develop, competing and cooperating, through mergers and acquisitions. There have been a number of star companies with multiple ownership systems, and how to stand out among many companies has become a question worth considering in the entire machine tool industry.
In the "Made in China 2025" plan, intelligent manufacturing is the main direction, the major trend and core content of the future manufacturing industry, and the fundamental path to solve the problem of China's manufacturing industry becoming bigger and stronger.
In order to implement "Made in China 2025", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a special demonstration of smart manufacturing pilot demonstrations, and selected 46 smart manufacturing pilot demonstration projects across the country, involving 38 industries and 21 regions. As a model city for China's 2025 pilot demonstration, Zheng Nanning, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the Automation Society, suggested that the deep integration of informationization and industrialization should be accelerated. Focusing on the key points and difficulties of the development of the manufacturing industry, actively foster new models and new formats to form an economy. Increase new momentum.
In the eyes of investors, China has now spawned some stages of development that are in sync with the global market and even lead the world, such as content entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, cloud computing, robotics, electric cars, unmanned driving... In these areas, China and some developed countries are basically on the same starting line. Even in some areas that have not been emulated, you need to explore and develop yourself, and cross the river by feeling the stones.
Therefore, projects with core technical barriers, especially those that may affect the next decade, are more likely to gain capital favor. The opportunities for domestic mobile Internet have been largely explored, and now is the best time to lay out the next technology explosion.