Vertical CNC Lathe LC-V600

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Machine model Model LC-V600
Items Specification
Capacity Maximum rotation diameter Max. swing 600mm
Maximum processing diameter Max. cutting diameter 500mm
Maximum turning height Max. height or turning 400mm
Spindle Spindle end form Spindle nose A2- 8
Spindle front bearing inner diameter Front spindle bearing ID  130mm
Spindle speed range Spindle speed range 100 ~ 3000r/min
Spindle shift speed Steps of spindle speed  Variable
Hydraulic chuck specifications Chuck diameter  10 ″/12 ″
Travel X-axis travel Travel of X axis  -175 ~ +250mm
Z-axis travel Travel of Z axis  500mm
Feed X-axis rapid feed Rapid feed of X axis  18m/min
Z-axis rapid feed Rapid feed of Z axis  30m/min
Tool Post Tool holder type Type of tool stations Electric/Hydraulic/Gang tools
Tool holder Number of tool statins  8
Tool bar size (square) Tool shank size (square)  25×25mm
Tool bar size (circle) Tool shank size (round)  Φ40mm
Motor Main motor motor power Main motor  15kW
X-axis servo motor Servo motor of X axis  12N.m
Z-axis servo motor Servo motor of Z axis  22N.m
Hydraulic motor Hydraulic pump motor 2.2kW
Water pump motor Coolant pump motor 370W
Other Machine size (length × width × height) Overall size (L×W×H )  230cm×160cm×315cm
Net weight of machine tool Net weight 5500kg




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